Student-Athlete Information/Forms

This page contains both information and forms that student-athletes need to complete while attending Southeast Community College.  Your coach will instruct you regarding which forms you need to complete.


Students can become aware of the NJCAA rules of eligibility by reviewing the eligibility rules pamphlet below.  Before participating in intercollegiate athletics at SCC, the NJCAA Eligibility Affidavit must be completed by the student-athlete.  Student-Athletes must also complete the Student-Athlete Release of Information form so that transcripts and other documents may be released on behalf of the student-athlete by SCC.

Physical Examination

Students will need to have a current physical exam on file at SCC in order to practice and participate in intercollegiate athletes.  The Physical Exam History form should be completed first before the student-athlete is seen by the doctor.  

Housing Contract

Students who wish to live in on-campus housing will need to complete the housing contract below plus submit the housing deposit.


SCC provides secondary accident insurance for its student-athletes.  Students will need to provide their parents insurance information so when an injury occurs this information can be reported on the accident injury report.  Students who do not have coverage will need to complete the "No Insurance" form.  

When students are injured, they must report the injury immediately to the SCC coaching staff and/or athletic trainer.  The coach will complete the Injury Report Form and instruct you to provide the medical facility with both your parent's and SCC's insurance information which is provided below.

SCC Athletic Policies/Code of Conduct

Student-athletes need to be familiar with the policies set forth by Southeast Community College and the NJCAA regarding eligibility and conduct by reviewing the two documents below.